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When I became a mother of twins 2 years ago, my worldview totally shifted. The only important thing was the health and well being of my two little ones. I wanted to give them the best; the healthiest organic foods and of course the safest toys and clothes.

My older brother started working and he bought me a white teddy bear with his very first paycheck. The bear’s special red ribbon and soft fur were very precious to me, and that gift has always reminded me of my loving family and the importance of generosity. So naturally it was very important to me to find the perfect organic Teddy bears for little Rohan and Arianna. I was incredibly surprised then to find that organic faux fur teddy bears simply don’t exist. When my husband Vijay found out, a curiosity was sparked. At first we were in disbelief. But the more research we did, it became clear that the large toy manufacturers just aren’t interested in investing the time and money to develop organic materials. Synthetic fur made from polyester is just so much cheaper and it turns out high quality organic faux fur is extremely difficult to make. That’s when we decided to make safe, soft and certified organic toys for children. Together we have spent the last 4 years tirelessly developing manufacturing methods to bring safe certified organic toys and gifts to the world.

But developing the perfect teddy bear was only one part of our goal. The gift of a teddy bear changed my life. Now, I would like to do the same for the millions of children today who experience the hardships of loss and poverty. In the United States alone there are 3 million children living below the poverty line, 1 million in foster care, and nearly half a million Children without permanent homes. So, Vijay and I began to think of ways to do what we can to make their lives better. We thought, let’s find a way to give our bears to the children that need them most. And that is when we started working on our “Buy one - Give One” model. For every bear sold, we will donate a bear to a needy child through our wide network of giving partners. 

We also understand the importance of providing for our families and supporting our community. That’s why it was so important to me to find a way to bring

Renju & Vijay

the manufacturing to America, and specifically to Northern California where my children will grow up.  We have our facilities right in the backyard of Silicon Valley, and in partnership with the CalWorks employment program we will put at-risk Mothers to work.

We hope you will join us in our mission by choosing your teddy bear from Bears for Humanity. The bear you buy will give your loved one a lifelong memory, and the bear you give will bring joy to a child who desperately needs it.

- Renju Prathap


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